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Dates for the 2017-18 winter season are now fixed but formats are still provisional where indicated.

Manager: Cliff Jones

AC 10-11 March 2018 - Speed Doubles*

Manager: Duncan Hector

AC Sun 11 February 2018 - Speed Doubles*

Manager: Duncan Hector

AC Sat 10 February 2018 - Progressive Doubles*

Manager: Terrey Sparks

AC Sun 14 January 2018 - Speed Doubles*

Manager: Terrey Sparks

GC Sat 13 January 2018 - EACF GC Inter-Counties*

Manager: Cliff Jones

AC Sun 10 December 2017 - Speed Doubles*

Manager: Cliff Jones

AC Sat 9 December 2017 - Alternate Shot Doubles*

Manager: Duncan Hector

AC 11-12 November 2017 - Speed Doubles

Bygrave winners Robert Wilkinson and Nick Mounfield

Saturday 11th

It was a strong field with only two teams receiving bisques and, on the other hand, two teams having a time penalty and 3 peels to do. Bygrave 1 prevailed and continued their “deem in corner three” answer to a standard East boundary opening. Ironically, they drew against their Bygrave 2 compatriots. Except for a loss to St Albans 1 they had comfortable wins against everyone else. Time proved to be no problem with only two games going to time yet it was a very evenly matched day with only one point separating the top five teams.

Team Players Points Rank
Bygrave 1 Nick Mounfield & Robert Wilkinson 1
Hunstanton Jeff Race & Peter Brown 4 2
St. Albans 1 Heather Bennett & Jon Palin 4 3
Essex David Maugham & Alison Jones 4 4
Bygrave 2 Duncan Hector & Peter Whiting 5
Letchester Nick Steiner & Terry Mahoney 0 6
St. Albans 2 Chris Frost & Roger Bowman 0 7

Sunday 12th

Hunstanton winners Jeff Race and Bryan Saddington

Some early morning lawn repair was necessary to re-set the carpets that had drifted apart on Saturday. We had a full complement of eight teams of which five received bisques and two having a time penalty and peels to do. Enfield's team had little experience on the carpet and struggled with the quirks of speed croquet. The Hunstanton first team dominated thanks to Jeff's well honed tactical game. The two Bygrave teams had the same game wins but lost out due to “games on time”. In fact time was much more of a problem than yesterday with seven games out of eighteen going to time.

Team Players Points Rank
Hunstanton 1 Jeff Race & Bryan Saddington 4 1
Bygrave 1 Nick Mounfield & Robert Wilkinson 4 2
Bygrave 2 Duncan Hector & Peter Ross 4 3
Essex David Maugham & Alison Jones 4
Newport Jim Potter & Chris van Essen 2 5
Colchester Colin & Georgeen Hemming 2 6
Hunstanton 2 Terrey Sparks & David Haslam 7
Enfield Brian Havill & John Street 0 8

Report and photos by Duncan Hector

Manager: Terrey Sparks

AC Sun 15 October 2017 - Speed Doubles

Speed doubles winners
Duncan Hector and Peter Whiting

MCP Mallets Shield - Hertfordshire's Day

It was back to normal on the Sunday with a full entry of eight pairs which provided some very tight and intense play. However, despite the pressure the Bygrave pairing of Duncan Hector and Peter Whiting held their own with a 100% record of wins to take the day.

Team Players Points Rank
Bygrave Duncan Hector & Peter Whiting 5/5 1
Norwich John Reddish & Sarah Barley 3/5 2
Colchester Colin & Georgeen Hemming 3/5 3
Essex David Maugham & Alison Jones 3/5 4
Letchworth Terry Mahoney & Heather Bennett 2˝/5 5
Suffolk Boys Mike Percival & Peter Allnutt 2/5 6
Hunstanton Jeff Race & Bryan Saddington 1/5 7
Pinchbeck Terrey Sparks & Charles Ostler ˝/5 8
Report and photo by Terrey Sparks

Manager: Terrey Sparks

AC Sat 14 October 2017 - EACF AC Inter-Counties

Cambridgeshire winners
Cesar Miranda-Reyes and Adrian Kirby

It was a whole new world at the Soham Sports Centre as the winter programme got under way. The old orange fluorescent lights had been replaced by brighter, whiter LED lights which gave the impression that the carpet had been fertilised as it appeared much greener and not so well used.

Cambridgeshire Triumphant

This year five counties entered: Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk. The first round was played as a round robin with the top three teams going through to a semi-final knock-out and the bottom two playing off for the fourth place, which proved to be Bedfordshire with the Lincolnshire pair eliminated. In the other two matches Herts beat Norfolk +3 and Cambs beat Beds +1(T), resulting in a final between Cambs and Herts which went Cambridgeshire's way running out the overall winners +2. This was in itself was a surprise in that the Cambridgeshire side had started badly, losing their first and only game to the bottom team Lincolnshire -4.


County Players
Cambridgeshire Adrian Kirby (-˝) & Cesar Miranda-Reyes (1)
Hertfordshire Duncan Hector (-1) & Peter Whiting (6)
Norfolk Jeff Race (0) & John Reddish (3˝)
Bedfordshire Cliff Jones (0) & Alison Jones (˝)
Lincolnshire Mike Bowser (2) & Terrey Sparks (2)

Report and photo by Terrey Sparks

* format provisional

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